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Spotlight on: Maxim Vietnam

When it comes to proficient printers, Maxim Vietnam are up there with the best of them.

The label and packaging printers, who count Marks & Spencer among their clients, have been part of Mellow Colour’s colour quality management family since 2012. They recently notched up their third 100% print score at an ImpressionProof Colour Quality Systems audit – an impressive achievement and one that earns them the accolade of our June Printer of the Month.

Maxim Vietnam’s Colour Champion Andreas Chou was thrilled to receive the honour on behalf of the colour team.

“The Mellow Colour implementation and audit system is well-known around the world, so we decided to introduce it to our company – we believe it is the best foundation we’ve ever had,” he said.

The ISO 12647 colour management technology provided by Mellow Colour allows printers to continually monitor and refine their output at every step of the printing process. This is supported by our regular audits and inspections – a level of support which Andreas believes is what sets our system apart from others.

“The greatest benefit of the Mellow Colour system is how it enables us to inspect our printing step by step, from raw material to final product,” said Andreas. “This ensures the production is always kept at a peak performance.

“In addition, we very much appreciate the support of the Mellow Colour auditors – with every inspection we are granted not only their time, but also the benefit of their suggestions and information updates. It keeps us motivated and at the top of our game.”

And of course, it’s not just Maxim Vietnam who are benefiting from the improved colour quality management offered by Mellow Colour’s system. Their clients are impressed with the results too.

“We’ve gained greater respect from our customers through ISO 12647 colour management,” explained Andreas. “And it helps us to compete and approach new customers with our high quality standards.

“On top of this, the colour management by Mellow Colour allows us to identify how to develop the business and keep moving forward in a marketplace which is only going to become more competitive in the future.”

Congratulations to Andreas and the Maxim Vietnam Colour Team.


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