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Mellow Colour provide colour quality management systems for some of the worlds most colour critical brands, and technical training for some of the world's best print and packaging suppliers.

Our key strengths are implementation of global print quality standards, including ISO 12647 and ISO 15311, technical training and fine tuning of colour management systems.

Mellow Colour have an international support structure of hands-on print professionals that deliver ISO 12647 and ISO 15311 standardised colour quality systems on a worldwide basis.

Our colour quality systems are developed in-house, based on the latest technology and the changing needs of the print supply chain. At Mellow Colour, we like to think our combination of colour management software, systems and training is the most advanced solution currently available for both brand owners and printers.

The long-term aim of Mellow Colour is to provide colour management systems, tools and training to help the colour-critical print and packaging industry get in-line with other industries, where lean manufacturing and critical process control are the differentiators that separate the best from the rest.

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