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PrintSpec allows you to match your print to ISO 12647 or G7, or any other international or in house standard.



Key Benefits

  • Ink key setting and print run verification system

  • Reduce the ink setting component of make ready times

  • Accurately measure and improve print run consistency

  • ISO 12647 Quality Systems compliant


Flatline is used in conjunction with a range of press side scanning spectrophotometers to speed up ink key setting to achieve ISO 12647 compliance. FlatLine includes a press control strip generator that allows interactive drag and drop functionality to produce control strips for individual presses. (pictured right)

During make ready the strip is scanned using a range of scanning instruments, and Flatline displays the target densities required to achieve ISO compliance plus a bar chart guide to indicate actual densities at each ink key.

The system also displays DeltaE information and ISO 12647 print run variability (consistency) metrics.


Special algorithms are used to provide information about the likelihood of achieving ISO compliance across the sheet and from sheet to sheet.

The printer manually adjusts the ink keys based on the Flatline information and soon develops the relationship between ink key adjustment, density and DeltaE which can reduce the ink setting part of make ready times by as much as fifty percent.

If closed loop ink key setting is used, Flatline can read most scanning instrument files automatically and generates ISO compliance reports as above.

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