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When Kellogg's contacted Mellow Colour, they didn't have a colour management program. In this case study, Steve Wardle, European Marketing Process Senior Manager, explains how Kellogg's Europe now have a Mellow Colour Strip on almost every piece of packaging they produce - measuring and controlling their production process, with rapid improvements in quality and consistency. 


Find out how Mellow Colour have been solving problems, creating constant improvement and elevating the ITL brand. 

ITL are a respected label manufacturer with an innovative and intelligent approach to delivering label products and solutions to retailers, brand owners and global garment manufacturers. 


ITL operates across 21 global locations with manufacturing sites ‘close to needlepoint’ and a focus on achieving a more sustainable supply chain with low environmental impact, cost and short lead times. 


ITL appointed Mellow Colour to improve print quality management processes in 2014. 

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DG3 were already using a print quality management system, but wanted to progress to a more sophisticated solution, that was better tailored to their needs. With vast benefits and access to an abundance of information, DG3 make the switch to Mellow Colour.

Label Pro

 As one of the newest recruits to the Mellow Colour family, Label Pro could never have expected to see some of the benefits of their investment so quickly. 

Mellow Colour partner DigitalView installed their print quality management system in January 2020, and by February the South African printing company was already starting to reap the rewards of an upskilled print team, upgraded quality management system and a management team empowered by a professional and effective training programme. 

Lebone Paarl Labels

 Mellow Colour was initially recommended to Lebone Paarl Labels by prospective client Woolworths, who recommend the patented print quality management system being implemented for all their printed work. 

Mellow Colour partner DigitalView carried out the installation for the South African printing company in April 2019. We spoke to Lebone Paarl Labels operations manager Arrie Van Wyk to find out how the new system is working for them. 


Brand ambassadors Phototype are production art, prepress and colour specialists. The American company manages pre-media print quality for a number of large global clients, providing fully integrated graphic solutions to the consumer packaged goods (CPG), medical/pharma, retail, printing and converting industries.

Their partnership with Mellow Colour means Phototype can share our world-leading quality management system with the printers they work with, helping to protect their brands with true print precision.


York Reprographic

Established in 1974, York Reprographic (now known as YRG) is one of the leading packaging design and reprographics specialists in the UK and Europe. The company has always been keen to employ the best technologies and equipment, ensuring the best results for their clients, which was why they turned to Mellow Colour’s colour management tools three years ago.

We spoke to group technical sales manager Ian Newbon, who is based at YRG’s Hull office, about his experience of using Mellow Colour.

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