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Mellow Colour headquarters are based in the market town of Evesham on the edge of the beautiful Cotswold escarpment. Our surroundings are a daily reminder to take environmental sustainability very seriously.

The environmental performance of our clients is very important to us, and we develop our colour management products and services with this in mind. There are many environmental advantages for Brands and Printers who adopt the Mellow Colour approach to Print Colour Quality Management.  



Some of the benefits include:


Energy Savings

Savings are made across both fossil fuels and electricity. Adopting a more efficient print process results in less waste, a shorter press setup time and less electricity being used for each print run.



The MellowCloud internet print approval system means there is no longer a need for press passing. Quite simply Mellow Colour are reducing the need to travel - resulting in less use of trains, planes and automobiles.

In addition there is a reduction in parcel delivery – physical print samples aren't required to be sent to the client for measuring and approval.



Reduced water usage – improved efficiency and zero reprints means lower water consumption in printing and platemaking.

Reduced use of paper & board – shortened make ready means less substrate used. This simply equates to less trees being cut down, leaving more forests to keep our planet fresh.

Inks and solvents – less waste in production cycles, means less chemicals have to go to environmentally acceptable, and costly recycling.


Our Goal

Mellow Colour exercise responsible environmental stewardship and are committed to:

  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance, and that of our clients.

  • Sharing our knowledge of environmental issues and management practices with others in our industry

  • Complying fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

  • Ensuring that all key environmental impacts are identified and managed in a responsible manner.

  • Use of all resources, including fuel, water and other natural resources efficiently and conservatively.

  • Supporting the development of effective government policy to address environmental issues.

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