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How brand owners are driving the print quality management movement

Before we delve into the role of the brand owner in print quality management, first let’s establish how crucial accurate colour is to a brand.

Consumers look for consistency across all touch points as part of their purchase decision. Dependably accurate colour is probably one of the most important elements a brand needs to get consistently right across all print and product packaging.

Brand owners require reliable print quality management

This need for reliable colour conformance is why successful brands are driving their supply chains to establish and deliver repeatable processes.

A systematic, measurable approach ensures brand colour meets defined targets, such as ISO 12647 or bespoke internal standards, across all packaging substrates, no matter what the material, or the location of the printer.

Put simply, it is clear that brands care intrinsically about their supply chain and their printer’s internal processes.

Benefits for brands span IP, environmental impact, cost, and time saving

A measured and systematic supply chain strengthens a brands intellectual property by guaranteeing colour consistency on different substrates, in different regions.

Brand owners also understand, more than ever, the importance of procuring print efficiently to reduce costs and streamline their workflow. Recent advances in technology, such as the remote approval of colour critical print, are handing more visibility and control to brand owners.

The sharing of colour and print management data means an ease of communication coupled with less time and investment in travel.

This reduction in waste and unnecessary travel brings with it improved environmental factors – it is clear that for a comparatively minimal outlay, brand owners can see significant returns.

Benefits for printers include increased profitability and customer satisfaction

The benefits in good print quality management aren’t just for the brand owners.

Aside from the obvious benefits that come with increased efficiencies and lean print operations, printers will be in a stronger position to compete for work with other brands. Being able to demonstrate a standardised approach with a high degree of accuracy is an attractive proposition to present to print buyers.

Brand owners are more likely to place both new business and repeat business with trusted, reliable print partners, which will result in a more profitable business model for print suppliers.

Taking the first steps

Mellow Colour can help brand owners roll out their own brand colour management system and see the implementation right through to the print room floor.

Assistance with the development of technical brand guidelines, special colour definitions, standardisation and help with monitoring supplier print quality is all part of the Mellow Colour service.

Printers can respond to the demands of Brand Owners by working with Mellow Colour to install systems, undertake training and becoming certified as part of the Mellow Colour Proficient Printer Scheme.

Proficient Printers earn their certification through a wide range of requirements and are audited regularly to ensure they maintain their place on the register.

Find out more about improving your print quality management by talking to Mellow Colour.


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