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Instilling confidence into your remote print quality management procedures

As we settle in to the new normal that 2020 has enforced, many publishers are questioning how they can confidently achieve remote print quality management.

The answer is simple: ImpressionProof – the intuitive online approval system for colour critical jobs.

With options to travel now limited, we are seeing a rise in demand for publishers to be able to remotely approve the print quality management of their print and packaging jobs.

ImpressionProof offers the ideal tool to visually confirm how your job is printing, without even leaving your office.

Colour critical elements of a job are measured using ImpressionProof, reports are then uploaded to MellowCloud for easy analysis. Printers and publishers can remotely access MellowCloud and view their job.

A PDF shows the job as it’s been printed, compared to your print specification (FOGRA, G7 or ICC Profile). A scoring system shows a simple visual to indicate how well a print has been reproduced.

Not only are the benefits substantial in reducing travel; using ImpressionProof saves time, money and curtails your environmental impact. There are also no concerns with handling of client data. Mellow Colour recently achieved ISO 27001, positioning themselves alongside the likes of Google and Microsoft when it comes to security.

Reap the benefits of investing in your print quality management now, and in to the future

The implementation of this technology means print buyers and publishers have a robust solution allowing them to confidently operate through out lockdown, and reap the benefits of remote working long into the future.

Now we have seen first hand the positive environmental impact of reducing unnecessary travel, why would we aspire to get back to old habits? Systems like ImpressionProof are mutually beneficial for printers, publishers and the planet.

Contact Mellow Colour today for a remote demo.


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