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ISO 12647 provides print colour management you can trust.

ISO 12647 is a well-known universal process control for the production of print. It is the only print quality standard specifically created for worldwide use. First published in 1996, ISO 12647 compliance is the sign of first class print colour management.

Brand owners and print buyers are increasingly using ISO 12647 compliance as an easy way to quality check a print provider when asking for tenders. Print buyers no longer need to question or check print colour management with their service providers; they simply select printers who confirm to the standard.

The implementation of the Mellow Colour systems, and the inclusion on our Certified Proficient Printers Directory, confidently confirms to a brand owner, that a printer is operating a stringent print colour management system successfully.

Commitment to ISO 12647 gives printers an attractive value-add, that will lead to new work, work being produced more efficiently, less waste and ultimately more profit.

How difficult is ISO 12647 to implement?

Mellow Colour offer a suite of technology and training to ensure printers have the tools and the knowledge to produce consistently standardised results, simply and confidently. Our training will embed a thorough understanding of print quality management into your team.

Print staff acquire a deep knowledge of the right procedures and competencies to ensure a continuous improvement attitude in your workforce. We work to ensure printers have an internal ‘Colour Champion’ who takes ownership of your print colour management with absolute commitment.

Hand in hand with training, we offer industry-leading print colour management technology.

PrintSpec is a colour control and verification software, that generates a report from a small press control strip placed along side CMYK printed work. Using a spectrophotometer, printers simply measure the strip and upload the results to PrintSpec.

PrintSpec creates a report with data in a visual, easy to understand summary. Dot Gain, Grey balance and information about the inks is available in greater depth on further pages. A choice of standards are selectable from easy access pull down menus, and in-house standards can be generated.

Mellow Colour have a suite of software which offers some of the most advanced solutions to harnessing colour management available. RetroSpec allows printers to analyse print performance over many runs, while InkSpec offers users a systemic, measurable approach to special and brand colours. The full suite of tools can be seen here.

ISO 12627 provides colour quality management that can make your business more profitable.

Users regularly comment on the speed of ROI when working with Mellow Colour.

Adhering to print quality management, whether that’s an in-house standard or to ISO 12647, leads to a guarantee of colour quality, a consistent appearance across all print runs, less waste, more efficient delivery of work and improved margins.

While working closely with Mellow Colour for a number of years, Steve Wardle, European Marketing, Process Senior Manager, Kellogg Company commented,

“For us as brand owners, everything made sense. We would need to set our standard, aligned closely to ISO 12647, and then our procured printers of cartons and flexibles would be trained and certified to ensure that they can print consistently to that level. This would naturally lead to a reduction in wasted time and materials, not just for Kellogg’s, but for any or all of their customers. The pay back would justify any investment very quickly.”

ISO 12647 – the step to absolute Colour Quality Management

With an integrated family of products and services, Mellow Colour provides easy and accurate colour standardisation and communication whether you are a printer, print buyer or publisher, anywhere in the world.

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