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July Printer of the Month: Avery Dennison Suzhou, China

When your clients have a world-famous reputation for their top-quality high street goods, you need to be sure the printed products you supply them with meet equally high standards.

Packaging and label printers Avery Dennison Suzhou count leading retailer Marks & Spencer among their clients, so their colour quality management has to be near flawless. And thanks to Mellow Colour’s ISO 12647 colour management system, the Chinese printer has more than achieved that, attaining a perfect print score in their recent M&S ImpressionProof audit.

This success earns Avery Suzhou a place in the coveted Mellow Colour 100 Club, plus the added distinction of being named our July Printer of the Month.

Avery Suzhou’s Ricky Liu was delighted to receive the honour on behalf of the Colour Team.

Speaking about how the team has benefited from implementing the Mellow Colour colour management system and the training that goes with it, Ricky said:

“Every member of our Colour Team knows the requirements for each step of the colour quality management process.
“We provide training and continuously carry out internal audits to ensure we’re all meeting the Mellow Colour ISO 12647 standards, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to our printing targets.

“Mellow Colour’s system has had so many benefits for us. When it comes to training operators, the programme is very straightforward to understand and the colour management software makes achieving the necessary grades seem easy. Our machinery is better able to maintain ISO 12647 standards and we can carry out plate calibrations and linearization with ease.”

And how does the Mellow Colour system impact on Avery Suzhou’s products?

“Our consistent colour quality management means we are producing products to our customers’ satisfaction,” says Ricky. “This gives us greater competitive advantage in the market place.”

Now proud members of the Mellow Colour Printer of the Month hall of fame, the Avery Suzhou Colour Team were happy to show off their Club 100 certificate.

Congratulations to everyone in the team.


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