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Mellow Colour Achieve G7 Certification with innovative PrintSpec 4.0

PrintSpec - print quality management software has achieved the prestigious G7 Certification.

Idealliance confirms that PrintSpec 4 meets or exceeds the established industry tolerances set forth by Idealliance’s G7 System Certification through demonstration of the system’s ability to calibrate a printing device utilizing the G7 methodology for the definition of G7 grayscale in process control.

Printers and brands alike will benefit from utilizing a G7 Certified system, because it ensures the ability to operate a consistent G7-managed workflow, which has been proven to expand efficiencies, reduce costs of operation and speed time to market of printed materials.

“Achieving the G7 Certification was a natural progression for Mellow Colour. PrintSpec is a market leading software and coupled with our training, certification and auditing program this makes Mellow Colour an extremely robust choice for brands concerned with print quality management.

Alan Dresch, Mellow Colour Director said “ G7 Certification confirms our long standing commitment to control of grey balance to achieve acceptable substrate to substrate visual appearance, and our new G7 module will add extra functionality to our comprehensive print quality management toolkit”

G7 Certification was created by Idealliance and exists to evaluate the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition using four 1-D Curves.

For more information on your print quality management, please contact Mellow Colour or book your demo at DRUPA 2021.


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