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Mellow Colour blog: Next Accessories Bangladesh elevated to global standards with Mellow Colour

With their eco-friendly plant and state-of-the-art technology leading the way in the printing and packaging industry, Bangladesh’s Next Accessories needed colour management expertise to match.

So who better to turn to than Mellow Colour?

Next Accessories has been supplying printed fabric labels, printed narrow tapes, woven labels, heat seal and paper printing and packaging for more than 11 years. Now thanks to Mellow Colour’s colour quality management software, training and auditing processes, the company, whose clients include H&M and Jules, is ready to expand its global network even further.

Mellow Colour’s Satish Nayak has been on hand to offer continuous training and guidance for the team while the new print quality management system was integrated and, within just four months, Next were able to become a certified member of the Mellow Colour Proficient Printers directory.

Our ISO 12647 colour management technology and software support means that colour measurements, documentation and decision making is more convenient and more energy efficient, and is therefore more cost-effective.

Speaking on behalf of Next Accessories, Rafiqul Islam said:

“Thanks to the Mellow Colour process, we now have the opportunity to approach new market segments. Our quality standards for printed and packaging products have improved, while still remaining very competitive.

“The technical understanding of the behaviours of colours we have gained from Mellow Colour has strengthened our operations team, moving us beyond our customers’ expectations in terms of quality and service.

“Moreover, our association with Mellow Colour gives us an identity of entitlement to accept any kind of paper printing and packaging order from any customer around the world.”

Next Accessories is now aiming for perfection in their colour print score. We look forward to welcoming them into the exclusive Mellow Colour 100 Club soon!


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