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Print Quality Management adds value, faster than it adds cost.

Investing in a print quality management platform allows printers to achieve a consistently high standard of print or packaging. By adhering to print standards and utilising a measureable approach to print quality, printers will be able to better service print buyers and brand owners around the world, and grow their own bottom line.

Print quality management systems allow printers to measure, analyse and achieve accurate colour. Print buyers and brand owners already recognise that print quality management systems are a mark of quality and reliability from printers.

There is no more guess work, no more wasted time, just consistently accurate colour, every time. The result is a more profitable business – with less waste, less down time and a more efficient production process. Print quality management is win, win for both the printer and the print buyer.

The cost savings are immediate.

Printers will see more profit as a result of a range of factors:

  • Less waste. Simply saving on wasted paper and ink from inaccurate jobs, is an immediate, tangible cost saving to the printer.

  • Time saving. From both the perspective of the printer, and the print buyer, there are time savings. Presses will be operating more efficiently, reducing make ready times. Print Buyers will be able to check proofs remotely, looking at reports to ensure their job is printing accurately, they won’t need to spend time leaving the office and travelling to do this in person.

  • Reduced travel costs. Print buyers and brand owners can reduce travel costs by harnessing remote print approval technology and cloud based sharing of print quality management information, which streamlines communication between the printer and the buyer, in a secure and reliable way.

  • Efficient Working. Investing in training staff will ensure teams have the knowledge and skills to get the most from their equipment, operating with efficiency to ensure each part of the printing process is controlled and monitored. This will reduce lost time and encourage a leaner business operation.

  • Increased Customer Loyalty. Delivering high quality, colour accurate print leads to increased customer satisfaction. As satisfaction increases, print buyers and brand owners build trust with their print suppliers, meaning they are more likely to repeat their business and increase their spend. Even if a printer is slightly more expensive than the competition, trust is a powerful weapon to have in customer loyalty. Long-term buyers will help a printer to grow and maintain profits, and are much more likely to bring word of mouth referrals.

Print Quality Management without any upfront costs.

Mellow Colour have introduced a subscription based structure to their print quality management platform, making it more accessible for printers to get started on their print quality management journey without a large upfront investment.

As 2020 unfolds into a new normal, there has never been a better time to instil confidence into print buyers and brand owners, allowing them to work closely with their print suppliers without even leaving their desks.

Achieve more with Mellow Colour, the colour management experts.


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