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Print Quality Management. Safe in our hands.

We have the privilege here at Mellow Colour of working with global brands. We provide them with print quality management systems to monitor and improve the quality of their packaging and publications. Inevitably this involves generating reams of data – when it comes to Print Quality Management there is a lot of information to communicate.

In fact, the humble print quality management file is fast becoming a vital part of the communications supply chain, but we will go into more about that in a separate article.

The idea behind print quality management is to provide a brand with the reassurance that their packaging, label, book or magazine are manufactured to a consistent standard that’s been agreed between them and their printer (e.g. ISO12647, G7, etc.).

In days gone by, the print approval process involved the time-consuming task of sending physical sheets for measurement and approval, but nowadays the supply chain can make use of online systems such as MellowCloud.

MellowCloud acts as a repository and communications hub for brands and their printers to store and exchange colour management information and data. The exciting aspect of print quality management now is that, in addition to colour management information, we are seeing a demand for general quality information such as spots and hickeys, barcode checks, registration, etc.

Within MellowCloud a brand now can access all of this useful information for their printed job – they can even access an image of the actual job as it has been printed when combining our remote print approval technology ImpressionProof.

As you can imagine, this is sensitive information - brands are extremely protective of it and want to know that it is securely handled.

To reassure our clients we recently underwent ISO27001 ‘information security accreditation’. The requirements of the standard are that we continually monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate our Information Security Management System and we are also audited to check that we are compliant.

ISO27001 is a widely recognised industry standard and it shows our commitment to best practice security management and comprehensive controls - it also positions Mellow Colour alongside the likes of Google, Microsoft and Xerox when it comes to security and customer focus. Most importantly it reassures our clients that their sensitive data is securely stored and communicated.

Trusted to look after print quality management for the likes of Kellogg’s and Conde Nast, your colour management will be in safe hands with Mellow Colour.


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