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Quality Control in Printing Explained Simply.

Print quality management doesn’t have to be complicated.

Imagine a world where your colour quality is consistent across all substrates, in all regions, every time, all of the time.

A consistent approach to print quality management, begins with defined standards, for CMYK process and special colours. By defining your brand standards, all stakeholders clearly understand the shared goal for repeatable, consistent, high quality print.

We equip print suppliers with the tools and technical training to be able to print

consistently to defined standards. We equip print buyers and brand owners with the knowledge and understanding to successfully procure print from a supplier that is capable of printing consistently within defined targets and tolerances.

Our solutions provide all members of the print buying and print supply teams with secure and remote access to detailed print run data. This transparency of data allows everyone complete visibility of their shared goal. Print will be scored and will pass or fail the defined standard.

We advocate that Brand Owners and Print Buyers should have reliable print quality

management data from their suppliers. When your print run data is at your fingertips, you can operate with confidence.

Our solutions give stakeholders real-time, secure and cloud based access to print run data, from anywhere on the planet. Print run data can be used to efficiently measure performance, streamline communication and achieve winning results.

We empower print buyers, and provide all members of the print buying and print supply teams with detailed print run data in an easy to understand format.

Simply put, measurements are taken from control strips printed with jobs and these measurements are shared, with simple visual reports.

Often, print is supplied from different locations, on different substrates. By measuring and communicating data throughout the production process, brand owners can enjoy confidence their print and packaging will be visually consistent when it’s placed together in the retail environment.

The results of our measured and scientific approach speak for themselves.

Aside from the value added to Brand IP and performance for brand owners, the

benefits for printers include less waste, reduced costs, a reduction in unnecessary travel, a positive impact on the environment and a leaner more efficient workflow.

We also believe that when print suppliers have increased efficiencies and leaner

operations they can enjoy increased profitability.

The Mellow Colour approach to print quality management might surprise you.

Why not find out more?


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