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r-pac Bangladesh celebrate 100% ImpressionProof Printer status

The colour team at r-pac Bangladesh had reason to celebrate recently, when they learned they had achieved a 100% print score in their ImpressionProof print audit.

r-pac Bangladesh’s major client, retail giant Marks & Spencer, are known for their strict quality control, which even extends to the colour quality management of their packaging. They will only outsource their printing to companies able to meet tight ISO 12647 standards.

Mellow Colour’s ISO 12647 colour quality management system is the favoured choice for leading printers around the globe, so r-pac Bangladesh were keen to join the Mellow Colour family three years ago.

r-pac Bangladesh’s Managing Director Imtiaz Kamiss was thrilled that his team was able to join the coveted Mellow Colour 100 Club so soon.

He explained: “r-pac Bangladesh has been part of the Mellow Colour process for over three years. Within this time, we have been firstly certified as a Proficient Printer, and then as a 100% ImpressionProof printer.”

Mellow Colour’s technical partner Satish Nayak has spent time with the r-pac print team over the past three years, training them and carrying out their regular colour quality audits.

Kamiss added: “The journey with Mellow Colour so far has been great. A tremendous amount of work went into the process within this time – Satish has been great in sharing his knowledge in training, as well as being tough in audits.”

And how have r-pac Bangladesh benefitted from our colour quality management system?

“The best part of the Mellow Colour approach has been process control,” said Kamiss. “Being in the Mellow Colour 100 Club has allowed us execution of jobs within minimum turnaround time, while also managing costs better.
“We have managed to make a lot of headway in increasing business with existing customers as well as attracting new customers, thanks to our world-class standards of colour quality management.

“As an organisation we look at all our audits as a way of genuinely improving our processes and value to customers. Being part of the Mellow Colour process certainly is a testament to this.”

The r-pac Bangladesh team are right to be proud of their achievements in colour quality management in such a short time. Well done to them!

M&S regional representative Rajib Khan presenting Kamiss and the r-pac colour team with their M&S 100% ImpressionProof Printer Certificate


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